Bathroom Remodeling Essentials

5 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Structural Integrity


Is your bathroom a welcoming and comforting area? If not, it’s a safe bet your bathroom very well may have lost its structural integrity since it was first constructed; your walls could be chipping or cracking, as well as your floors. Or worse, you could have mildew buildup which, over time, can become a dangerous fungus if inhaled over a long period of exposure. This is preventable with proper ventilation to your shower area, but some older homes and builds do not have this in mind. This is the most prominent reason to remodel your bathroom– dire need!

Better Floors


One of the biggest reasons we find that people remodel their bathroom is that a bathroom in this day and age should have some kind of hard floors– not carpet! This is something we have come to learn in our time as a species building bathrooms; carpets in the bathroom will eventually retain moisture and become smelly or strangely colored, and off-putting altogether. If you have a carpet in your bathroom, browse through our options for tiles or wood flooring!

Energy Efficiency


Older toilets, sinks, and tubs waste much more water than the contemporary standard. If your water and electricity bills are mounting, it could be due to a needed upgrade in energy efficiency. Chances are, if any of these appliances are that old you will want to make yourself comfortable with a new set of life’s essentials. Energy efficiency comes as an added bonus for entering the age of hygienic luxury.

More Room


Simply put– size upgrade. If your family is sharing a bathroom, it can’t be tiny for long before utter bedlam unfolds. We’ll work with you to lay out the plans for an increase in size without sacrificing other areas of operation, while staying committed to your satisfaction and helping clients to envision the end result as we move expeditiously toward it.

Upgrade Spa Capabilities


That small dingy tub just not doing it for you anymore? No person can debate that a full sized relaxation bath tub is not a slice of heaven in itself. Get more out of your bathroom than ever before when you fashion it into your own personal spa! With our help, your ability to unwind will rise with the bubbles in your bath.

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