Brick Masonry Walls need Inspection and Maintenance

Even the highly durable walls need to get regular inspection to identify problems and the replacement of old materials. While the brick units used in the walls assembly may last 100 years or longer, sills, parapets, chimneys, copings, and other elements with more severe weather exposure typically have a significantly shorter service life. Mortar joints may last 25 years before … Read More

Bathroom Remodeling Essentials

5 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom Structural Integrity Is your bathroom a welcoming and comforting area? If not, it’s a safe bet your bathroom very well may have lost its structural integrity since it was first constructed; your walls could be chipping or cracking, as well as your floors. Or worse, you could have mildew buildup which, over time, can … Read More

Green House Design for Eldercare

Design considerations in implementing the Green House concept in eldercare for continuing care retirement communities. The U.S. population is aging. In 2050, Americans aged 65 will number 83.7 million, almost double the elderly population in 2012. The baby boomer generation seeks a more dignified and affirming experience for its later years. The institutional feel of the “nursing home” our parents … Read More

Engineering and Architecture Among the Best Entry-Level Jobs According to a New Study

Engineering and Architecture increases the chance of immediate opportunity, job hazards, and job growth potential. This is a pretty good time to start thinking about becoming an architect or engineer major. A WalletHub study of the best entry-level jobs found that engineers rank first and architects rank 10th out of a group of 109 professions. Also on the list are electrical engineer (sixth), … Read More

Hospital Efficiency Increases by Improving Emergency Department Design

Hospital Efficiency

Overall Better Patient Experiences and Satisfaction with Efficient ED Operations and Department Design Improving Emergency Department Design Improving both throughput and the physical environment in the Emergency Department Design (ED) is a top priority for many hospital administrators and facility managers. The ED (on a hospital campus or free-standing) is often an initial access point into a system-of-care, the start of … Read More

18% Jump On Nonresidential Commercial construction

Nonresidential construction looks to gain more momentum throughout the spring after getting  off to a hot start this year. Nonresidential Construction Increase   The construction sector added 37,000 jobs in March, which is the largest gain so far this year. The first three months of the year have seen an average gain of 25,000 jobs, or an increase of 7.1 percent compared to … Read More

Increased Minimum Energy Performance is Required by New LEED 2009 Projects

April 8, new requirements went into effect Increased Minimum Energy Performance All new projects registering for LEED 2009 beginning on April 8, 2016 will need to satisfy increased minimum energy performance thresholds, recently announced by The U.S. Green Building Council recently. Projects must now earn a minimum of four points in the Energy Performance credits. The referenced energy standard and modeling requirements … Read More

Reasons Why During the Design Process Drawing Still Remains Relevant

 A stronger connections between the design and the audience occur when Hand-drawn concepts allow ideas to emerge and build Hand-drawn Design Drawing. We’ve all done it. So why is it the exception not the norm in design today? Architecture and design schools have stopped teaching hand drawing, so students don’t regard it as an integral part of the thinking process. Now that computers … Read More

Tech Company Simplify the Leap from BIM to Virtual Reality (VR)

Faster conversion times and higher-quality graphics are enabling VR to make the jump from novelty to necessity. If a picture, or in this case, a VR rendering, is worth a thousand words, then how many words would a 3D virtual tour be worth? The answer: more than a thousand. A lot more. It’s like comparing “The Cat in the Hat” … Read More

Utility Regulations Hinder Growth Of Solar Industry In Nevada

Solar Naveda

The challenges of burgeoning solar electricity generation are highlighted by the conflict between energy-hungry casinos and utilities. In recent months, three of Nevada’s largest casino companies announced plans to step up purchasing and producing more solar energy for their hotels. The casinos are responding to increasing demand for responsible energy use from companies that rent their conference halls. They also want … Read More